Success stories

Hope Pifer


"The accountability, support and coaching was beyond my expectations.  Almost nine months later and I have kept the weight off with ease."

Whole 30 Groups


Three times a year I coach an online Whole 30 group via Facebook! This group had amazing results losing 68 pounds in 30 days, and gained health and wellness!  Next group starts January 7th! Head to the "services" section to sign up toady!

Dan Turney


 "I enjoyed the foods I was cooking and eating.  I felt satisfied, never hungry. 

I quickly experienced a wave of changes.  I had more energy, clarity of thought, less joint pain, no more sleep apnea!

I appreciate Tracey's encouraging approach to coaching.  She showed me that I could succeed at healthy eating."

Susan Tirch


"Tracey helped teach me what food to eat and when.  And let's face it, to hold me accountable. She was absolutely instrumental in my success. 

She's tough when you need her to be, compassionate when you falter, and most importantly passionate about health and fitness.  It goes without saying that she knows her stuff!"

Lauren Collins


"Clean eating was a big adjustment for me, but it was amazing how quickly I noticed changes.  My stomach didn't hurt, my skin issues were gone, and my body loved real foods.  Tracey provided the guidance and accountability I needed to get on the right path.  She knows her stuff and definitely practices what she preaches.  She is a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and fitness."

Kim Doyle


"I was at a point where I did want to lose weight, but more importantly I wanted to learn to fuel my body properly.  I was tired all of the time, often felt depressed and had high blood pressure.  My self esteem and self confidence were nonexistent. Tracey and I worked together on a nutrition program that would bring me much success! I have gained a new lifestyle and could not have been successful during this journey without Tracey."

The first step is often the toughest part of the journey.

Take that step and I will guide you the rest of the way! 

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