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Once a teacher, working with people to reach their goals is my passion.  Since leaving the classroom, I have earned numerous certifications in the nutrition and fitness field.  Knowledge is power and I have lots to share with you!



I have struggled to find health and wellness in my own life.  Over ten years ago I began my clean eating journey.  The main principles of my life have not changed.  My level of intensity following those principles continues to grow and evolve.  I can teach you those principles and help you make them your own.  Just as I have done for many others.  Read some of there stories here. 

Success Stories


I am so passionate about the lifestyle  I teach... because the principles are sustainable.  A back to basics style of eating and moving will bring success that can be maintained for the long haul.  I offer much needed support and accountability via daily interaction.  The hardest part is committing to get started.  Don't wait.  Check out the coaching packages available here!

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